A complete list of what AdsploreSocial has to offer

Automatically follow users from a given page

This unique feature allows you to automatically follow the followers from pages of your choice. You can also decide how many people to follow per hour, so you’re in total control of who’s being followed and the number of them.

Choose who gets unfollowed and who doesn’t

One of the biggest issues we faced in the past was the inability to control who our clients unfollowed. Before, everyone was unfollowed regardless of who they were! Now you can automatically sync your current following and add any accounts you don’t wish to unfollow, giving you that extra bit of control.

Follow users who like your favourite media

The key to Instagram growth is engaging with the people who interact with you. New to AdsploreSocial, we’ve added a unique feature where you can automatically follow people who we’ve noticed have been liking a lot of your content. This gives you a unique opportunity to grow your following further.

Choose photos to like from a given hashtag

This is one of the many features we offer that allows you to interact with potential followers who might be interested in your page. By giving us a list of hashtags you like, we will go and automatically like media from those hashtags on your behalf. Just tell us how many photos you want us to like per hour!

Control how often you interact with users

If you don’t want to seem ‘spammy’, we give our users total control of how often they like, comment and interact with pages on Instagram. You can therefore decide the best rate of growth of your page, and the mixture of combinations that will give you the best growth.

Restrict interaction with accounts containing harmful words

On Instagram there’s an issue. With the high number of inappropriate, explicit and inactive accounts it is sometimes inevitable to have a few crop up onto your page. However, we’ve come up with a solution. Give us some buzz words that you HATE and we will make sure accounts that contain those harmful words are not followed.

Hide/Remove comments with offensive words

Don't like some of the words people are using in comments on your posts? Automatically hide/remove them with built-in Comment Filtering from AdsploreSocial. We analyse the comments that people are leaving on your profile. Based on the words you provide, we decide if they are appropriate or not. If they aren't, we'll remove the comment so you never have to see it again.

Integrated Analytics

Unique to AdsploreSocial, we don’t just offer a whole suite of autonomous engagement features, we also give our users the opportunity to see their growth as it happens. On your own analytics page you’ll be able to see how many people are following, liking and engaging with your content and the grow as a result of AdpsloreSocial!

Analytics For Business

View Instagram business analytics on your AdsploreSocial statistics page by signing in. These are usually only available for Instagram's mobile platform, but we've come up with a unique solution to view analytics for stories, promotions, posts and more!

Update Your Profile

Edit your Instagram profile right from your dashboard. Change public and private details such as your displayed name, biography, website links and many more.

Coming Soon: Scheduling

Currently on the web there are only a few companies that offer an Instagram scheduler where you DON’T have to verify the post every time. Coming soon to AdsploreSocial, you’ll be able to schedule posts for the forthcoming period and we’ll go ahead and post it for you at a time of your choice. No verification needed, no stress!

Coming Soon: Automatic Direct Messaging

A feature we will be implementing soon for our users is the chance to automatically direct message followers and potential followers. By engaging with a larger audience and ‘privately’ messaging them in a non ‘spammy’ fashion, your growth will sky rocket!

Coming Soon: Commenting on posts automatically

We are in the works of trying to create a non-spammy solution to automatically commenting on peoples image. The issue with current ‘auto-comment’ softwares is that they are often random and inappropriate. We are coming up with an awesome way to make this relevant and interesting. Stay tuned!
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